With Cork based training charity Ag Eisteacht we have build up a long-standing relationship and have designed a range of products for them.

For the launch of the ABLE course, they asked us to come up with the visual style for the program. We started with the development of the course logo and model which we soon followed with the style and illustrations for the Powerpoint course materials delivered as templates to Ag Eisteacht.

The Participant Manual required easy updating so it could be kept fresh as the course developed, so we came up with the design for the cover but set up a a Word style guide template so the manual could easily be kept up-to-date without having to rely on us each time an update was required.

A folded brochure, poster, banner stand and many other supporting print materials were designed following a successful launch of the course all keeping to the visual style we set out at the start.

Maybe this needs to be a bit more generic about graphics design of manuals/booklets, as there?s more than just the ABLE stuff.