Nautical Elegance

Nautical Elegance

In a recent collaboration that unfolded earlier this year, Bert -The Designer of Things - teamed up with Wilson Architecture to create captivating wall graphics for CH Robinson's new offices in Cork. This unique project not only showcases the seamless fusion of art and architecture but also pays homage to the maritime heritage of the region.

The inspiration for the project was drawn from the rich maritime history of Cork. Bert's task was to create wall graphics for four meeting rooms, each named after a prominent lighthouse in the region. The chosen lighthouses - Ballycotton, Old Head of Kinsale, Spitbank, and Youghal - not only guided ships safely along the coast but also served as beacons of inspiration for the project.

Conference room at CH Robinson Cork with custom wall graphic depicting the Old Head of Kinsale lighthouse

Bert, renowned for seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with a nod to tradition, approached the project with a meticulous eye for detail. His clear lines and minimalist style captures the essence of the lighthouses while infusing the meeting rooms with a contemporary vibe.

The collaboration between Bert and Wilson Architecture was a journey of mutual appreciation and shared vision. Wilson Architecture, impressed by Bert's portfolio, recognized the potential of his designs to elevate the aesthetics of CH Robinson's offices. Bert, in turn, was inspired by the architectural prowess of Wilson Architecture, appreciating the opportunity to contribute to a project that seamlessly integrated art and design.

The integration of Bert's wall graphics into CH Robinson's Cork offices has transformed the workspace into a visually stunning and inspiring environment. The meeting rooms, named after the iconic lighthouses, serve as focal points for collaboration and innovation. The intentional design choices not only pay homage to the maritime history of Cork but also infuse the space with a sense of purpose and identity.

Conference room at CH Robinson's offices at One Penrose Dock in Cork with a custom wall graphic of Spitbank lighthouse

The collaboration between Bert, Wilson Architecture, and CH Robinson stands as a testament to the power of artistic expression in the realm of architecture. The wall graphics, inspired by Cork's lighthouses, transcend mere decoration, becoming integral elements that contribute to the overall atmosphere of the workspace. This project exemplifies how a thoughtful fusion of design and art can elevate a space, creating an environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply resonant with the spirit of a region's heritage. As the walls of CH Robinson's meeting rooms tell the tales of Ballycotton, Old Head of Kinsale, Spitbank, and Youghal, they also weave a narrative of collaboration, creativity, and the timeless beauty of maritime inspiration.

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