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Each month one of our pieces gets put in the spotlight with a 10% discount.

The Fastnet received a new lick o paint (notice the red balustrades) and some upgrades this year.To celebrate we have updated our prints and share the joy with you as October's discount!
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Lighthouses of Ireland

Our most popular collection of wall art situated at Ireland's most amazing coastal locations. There's currently 50 lighthouses in this collection of wall hangings.

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Bundled offers

Think of them as a well matched flower arrangement. Here we've combined some of our perfectly matching wall hangings and notebooks into a beautiful bundle. Get our recycled notebooks with a matching print such as the Great Lighthouses of Ireland or the Poolbeg Chimneys and at better value than the individual items.

The Odd Cuts

The Odd Cuts is a collection of prints created as part of my creative endeavours but are too good to end up in the bin. They might have a slightly different colour, printed on a different type of paper with the same quality as you can expect from my wall hangings. In my effort to reduce waste, they are available for sale at a discounted price. It's good for the environment and your wallet!

Bespoke design

Looking for something more personal or have a special occasion coming up?

If you have an idea or a request, we can create a bespoke piece of wall art for you in our signature style.

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