for a truly

Special occasion

Did you propose at a lighthouse like John & Fiona did or have a niece who did? Celebrated your birthday finally at that lighthouse you always wanted to visit? Just get in touch with which occasion you would like to make into something special to remember for yourself or someone else.

I love hearing those little personal stories and turning them into a unique gift. The first French lighthouse I illustrated came to life celebrating being proposed to.

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the whole

Wall as Art

Why not? Make the whole wall art.

For a fellow lighthouse lover we turned Galley Head in West Cork into a beautiful custom wallpaper Taking over the whole kitchen wall it makes for some conversation starter.

In Cork City, your average office meeting rooms were turned into lighthouse themed spaces. Individually named after Cork lighthouses, these office wall graphics are custom designed to match each individual room.

It's not just limited to lighthouses, if you're thinking of custom wall art or graphics, get in touch.

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for someone special

A unique gift

Thinking of something unique to give as a moving in present? Maybe milestone birthday? Or a graduation?

It all started with a Citroen 2CV created for my dad's 80th. Since then I've illustrated houses, cars and other memorable objects as wall art.

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