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Bert, The Designer of Things, is a multi-disciplined graphic designer and architectural artist.

On a mission to illustrate all 80 working lighthouses around the Irish coast there's 55 Irish lighthouses in the collection so far.

There is such a beauty to these towers, and how they stand over the ocean. I am gobsmacked by how these structures were created 150 to 200 years ago. How and where they were built is justutterly fascinating. I'm especially drawn to any of the lighthouses that were built on rocky islands in these crazily remote locations

Considering the time they were built in and the tools available at the time, not to mention the sheer scale of it when you are near them it is awe-inspiring.

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Being from Belgium originally, I'm a lifelong fan of especially European comics and particularly inspired by the likes of Hergé (TinTin). Known for his detailed but clear and simplified drawing style (ligne claire), it's a technique that has fascinated me ever since. I still love discovering new comic artists and nowadays I'm a big fan of Chris Ware.

Architecture in general has a big influence on how I work and what my drawings will look like. Having dabbled with architectural studies in college I'm very much a 20th century person. Art noveau, Bauhaus, a bit of 60's brutalism, it all has its place for me and inspires me daily.

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The Future

What when I've completed the 80 working lighthouses of Ireland? I'd say not to worry! I can barely keep up with my plans and ideas.

I recently created the Lighthouses of Ireland 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and the vintage style ceramic mug. Both are very popular sellers and have encouraged loads of other ideas and plans to come to fruition soon.

Next to Ireland, there's so many coastlines to take inspiration from. I have an incline the UK might be on the cards and hope to expand my foothold in the US.