Bert, The Designer of Things, is a multi-disciplined graphic designer and architectural artist. He loves to design and make things, it’s his passion as much as his job.

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. His dad being a printer working the Linotype (ah, the smell of ink) and mom getting creative decorating the shop windows of his grand parents. (he loved helping out.)

Luckily he had cool parents who realised regular school wouldn’t be his thing and sent him on his way to study graphic design in the old harbour quarter in Antwerp (same school his dad went to, isn’t that great?) in his teens. Having successfully finished those years in Antwerp he moved on to the medieval city of Ghent in his twenties studying interior-architecture.

Fulfilling a life-long dream he set out on his travels living and working in various European countries before eventually making his home in Ireland. Now he loves living on the Seven Heads Peninsula at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean right in between the lighthouses of Galley Head and the Old Head of Kinsale.

For years he’s been chasing that elusive panoramic shot of both those lighthouses at once until he finally succeeded on a clear day during the summer of 2021.

His coastal location gave rise to the series of prints and wall hangings inspired by the 12 Great Irish lighthouses in 2019. The response to his work (it’s been amazing to experience the love of lighthouses that exists) inspires him to continue creating new prints and complete and visit all seventy-odd lighthouses on the Island of Ireland. Since his initial 12 lighthouse he has been extending his geographical reach and in 2021 launched his first illustrations of American lighthouses followed by European ones. There some exciting things to follow in 2022!

In between the weather permutations, hard as that is here, he valiantly tries to keep up with the exercise needs of his lively lurcher Misty at his local beach.

If he’s not creating you can probably find him tending the garden or baking.

So there you have it, The Designer of Things in a nutshell. We hope you enjoy the work on the site here as much as Bert enjoys creating it.