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caring for the future

Minding Our Impact

At The Designer of Things, we're deeply committed to our role in preserving our precious environment, no matter how small our contributions may seem. We recognise that perfection is an ongoing journey, and we're steadfast in our commitment to continuously enhance our practices and material choices as we evolve.

A tree for every order made

Planting the Seeds of Change

Our belief is simple yet profound: combatting deforestation is a critical step in addressing climate change. In partnership with Tree Nation, we've embarked on a journey so that every order placed through The Designer of Things online store contributes to planting a new tree. By doing so, we're not only offsetting carbon emissions but also creating positive economic ripples in the communities where reforestation projects take root.

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Reduce, reuse, recycle

Waste, the Responsible Way

Our waste-reduction mantra revolves around three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. These principles have led to substantial reductions in our waste footprint. Notably, we've held onto a treasure trove of paper off-cuts, anticipating their future use in creative projects.

When it comes to packaging materials, we adopt a mindful approach. Reusable materials like cardboard boxes and bubble wrap are given a second life, reducing the need for new resources. Our philosophy is clear: reuse before recycle. Any remaining paper materials find purpose as padding in our packaging, ensuring your orders arrive in pristine condition.

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Materials Matter

Paper is at the heart of our artistic endeavours. We exclusively use Permajet paper for in-house artwork printing, guaranteeing top-notch quality and durability. Our suppliers share our commitment to sustainability, insisting on FSC certification for all pulp products.

For other in-house printed materials, we opt for 100% recycled Favini papers or recycled copy paper. When we outsource printing, we prioritise materials from environmentally responsible sources, ensuring that every tree used is replaced with a new one.

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Plastic Pledge

Though we endeavour to minimise plastics, some supplies arrive in plastic packaging beyond our control. Our primary focus remains on reuse before recycling, often repurposing these plastics as padding materials. 

Our prints however, especially when supplied to other shops, necessitates clear wrapping. Whenever possible, we opt for biodegradable cello bags, and recyclable alternatives serve as our second choice.

Our commitment extends to packaging – all our tape and envelopes are paper-based and recyclable. Even our string is 100% biodegradable, composed of natural, compostable fibres.

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keeping it local

Sourcing with Care

As a small island-based business, sourcing locally is a challenge we wholeheartedly embrace. We're committed to minimising our carbon footprint by sourcing products as close to home as possible such as our frames made as local as you can have it. When this is not possible we stick with businesses within Europe that share similar values and commitment to sustainability as ours.